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El Corazon теперь появился и в Израиле.

Кстати, блогера Наташу, я сама лично уже читаю наверно месяцев 6. Очень приятно, что Наташа еще и приятный человек.
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El Corazon Eggs Of Wild Birds

Hello ladies!
I wanted to share with you some bottle shots I did of my new El Corazon nail polish I bought at my trip to Saint Petersburg last month.
I was really excited to see them in a small cosmetics store, I was looking for El Corazon and Dance Legend polishes like crazy while I was there, and when I finally found them I was so happy.

These four colors are from the Eggs Of Wild Birds Collection, they all have the same effect but in different colors. They actually reminded me of the Illamasqua Imperfection collection, but it seems that El Corazon has a larger selection of colors (you can see all the collection and swatches at nails.annagorelova.com bloghere and here).
Apparently the El Corazon were the first to created this mixture and effect, and then similar polishes started to pop up everywhere and being recreated by other companies, such as Illamasqua.

I was excited to take some photos of the bottles since I borrowed my boyfriends' camera and the pictures are coming out just fantastic, so I really wanted to share them with you.
Of course I will be swatching them all and posting the photos at the blog too, but for now here are some closeups of the bottles I have.

El Corazon - Eggs Of Wild Birds Collection

№423/95 Light purple creme base with large and tiny black matte hex glitter.

№423/93 Peachy pink creme base with large and tiny black matte hex glitter.

№423/91 Beige / light brown creme base with large and tiny black matte hex glitter.

№423/94 Dusty blue creme base with large and tiny black matte hex glitter.

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  1. Обожаю эти лаки!
    добавила вас в Bloglovin и надеюсь на взаимность)

  2. Как же я мечтаю об этих лачках, они прекрасные просто!На каждый пост облизываюсь буквально с момента их появления. У нас нет, озадачила подругу в другом городе, а вдруг..) Они чудесные,все 4 просто идеальны!
    Добавилась к вам, заходите и ко мне в гостии) http://lusolnce.blogspot.ru/